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Why Midwest Cover?

5 Reasons to Choose Midwest Cover on your next fence screen or athletic windscreen project:

  1.  We are not just the dealer, but the manufacturer (one of the biggest in the country!)
  2.  We ship nationwide -- same day shipping on many products.
  3.  We offer different degrees of closure and durability -- customized to fit your needs.
  4.  Custom fabrication for any job.

Come See Us At FENCETECH – Booth #801

Going to FENCETECH in Nashville this year? Stop by Midwest Cover’s booth #801 and see what you can do with Midwest Cover in 2024 for construction, athletic, and events. Midwest Cover Athletic Midwest Cover Construction Midwest Cover Events See What You Can Do With Midwest Cover in 2024

When it comes to designing a baseball field, there are two key factors that should never be overlooked: safety and aesthetics. A well-designed field not only ensures the safety of players and spectators but also creates an engaging and visually appealing environment. By incorporating windscreen, padding, and netting into your field, you can take it

New construction windscreen project for Altec, inc. Repeating fence screen logos using economical stitch-on printing. Let them know who built it this summer with custom printed construction screening from Midwest Cover. Get more choices, including materials, colors, any dimensions, and 3 print options for every budget. Stitch-on fence screen logos are an affordable way to

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to maximize your brand visibility and showcase your projects in the construction industry? Look no further than affordable letter and logo printing on construction screens. With this innovative solution, you can transform ordinary construction fences and barriers into attention-grabbing advertising and branding opportunities. Importance of brand visibility in

Benefits of Using Custom Fabricated Windscreen When it comes to windscreen for pickleball courts, opting for custom fabrication can offersignificant advantages. Custom fabricated windscreen allows you to tailor the screen to yourexact court dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit. Choosing the Right Windscreen Material for YourPickleball Court Selecting the right windscreen material for your pickleball court

See 2024 Midwest Cover Material Specs Catalog

See specs for all our quality fence screen materials in our updated 2024 material specs catalog. Get the right material for your needs. From affordable temporary windscreen to max privacy weather tough permanent fence screen, Midwest Cover offers a full range of fence screen materials. Customize any of our materials to your project’s unique dimensions.

Safety Athletic Padding – See 2024 Specs

Custom safety athletic padding from Midwest Cover is custom fabricated for every job, rely on our 25 years athletic experience to get your next safety padding job done right. Add athletic padding printing – logos and lettering – for a high quality upgrade for your facility. See our padding specs updated for 2024 and see

When it comes to adding a permanent fence screen to your facility, choosing the right material is essential. Two popular options that provide privacy and protection are polypro fence screen and permascreen fence screen. Both materials are durable and can help enhance the appearance of your fence while also blocking unwanted views. Understanding the Importance