Polypro Privacy Fence Screen Choices

Quality Privacy Fence Screen – High Opacity Rating and Weather Tough

Polypro 95

Midwest Cover’s Polypro 95 is a popular choice for outdoor athletic, permanent, and maximum privacy construction screen. For use when full area coverage and durability are required. Available in Dark Green or Black.

Our Max Privacy Fence Screen

95% opacity rated, Polypro 95 is an excellent choice for installations where privacy is the most important consideration.

Weather Tough Polypropylene

Privacy and weather tough material make Polypro 95 an excellent choice for athletic fence windscreen and facility management like parking lots, storage, and pedestrian walkways.

Polypro Tennis

Polypro Tennis is a 100% lathe leno weave
windscreen and is a very popular choice among tennis
court and athletic facility professionals. This material comes standard in Dark Green and Black and offers 85% opacity and wind block.

Economical Privacy Fence Screen

A perfect fit for large court coverage and facility management. Cover large fencing areas affordably with durable privacy windscreen.

Custom Fabricate to Any Dimension

Polypro Tennis ships finished with 4 ply reinforced hems and brass grommets at regular intervals for easy install.