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Why Midwest Cover?

5 Reasons to Choose Midwest Cover on your next fence screen or athletic windscreen project:

  1.  We are not just the dealer, but the manufacturer (one of the biggest in the country!)
  2.  We ship nationwide -- same day shipping on many products.
  3.  We offer different degrees of closure and durability -- customized to fit your needs.
  4.  Custom fabrication for any job.

cap2Poly-Cap is an inexpensive way to add safety, reduce player injuries, increase visibility, and beautify any field. Poly-Cap is the original fence cap and still the best! Compare Poly-Cap to the competition and you will find it to be 20% thicker! Be cautious with thinner-walled materials that have a more dull and pale appearance; sunlight will penetrate easier and become brittle & deteriorate much quicker.


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Please note: the black color is NOT a standard black drain tile, it contains special UV inhibitors to protect it from deterioration from the sun, however these darker colors (black & forest green) are more susceptible to sun damage as opposed to the original yellow color.


  • available in the trademarked bright "safety" yellow, black or forest green
  • available in 100' or 250' rolls
  • manufactured with the thickest wall creating unequaled durability
  • weather-treated and UV protected
  • 4½" diameter polyethylene construction will offer years of protection
  • it is recommended to secure Poly-Cap with optional matching ties every 3 feet, see item #01649
  • limited 2-year warranty
  • completely recyclable

250' rolls have shipping dimensions of 64" x 64" x 25" and weigh 85 lbs per roll. 100' rolls have shipping dimensions of 44" x 44" x 27" and weigh 35 lbs per roll.