Get the best value stadium upgrade with custom fabricated printed outfield fence screen. Choose your material, color, plus 3 print options for every project budget. Rely on our 20 plus years of baseball experience to get the job done right.

Permascreen 80 is a rugged vinyl coated polyester that is an excellent choice for permanent baseball windscreen installations such as baseball fence screen, tennis windscreen, athletic fence screen, and more

Get the perfect opacity

We recommend 80% opacity for athletic fence screen, which provides the perfect blend of privacy and visibility.

Get a weather tough baseball windscreen that will last for years

At 9 oz per square yard Midwest Cover baseball windscreen is double the strength of standard screening material. Choose from 10 vibrant UV resistant Colors when using Permascreen 80. For tough weather conditions consider Permascreen Plus which is 11 oz per square yard.

Make sure your outfield fence screen can stand up to a busy field’s wear and tear

Midwest Cover baseball windscreen tensile strength is 300 x 230. All our screen comes with both material and print warranties. Midwest Cover baseball screen ships finished for easy install with four-ply sewn hems, reinforced 18 oz. vinyl tape, and brass grommets at 12” intervals.

Printed Outfield Fence Screen: The Best Value Stadium Upgrade

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