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About us

Why Midwest Cover?

5 Reasons to Choose Midwest Cover on your next fence screen or athletic windscreen project:

  1.  We are not just the dealer, but the manufacturer (one of the biggest in the country!)
  2.  We ship nationwide -- same day shipping on many products.
  3.  We offer different degrees of closure and durability -- customized to fit your needs.
  4.  Custom fabrication for any job.

Custom Fence Screen Logos

Gates, unique length or height? Midwest Cover has you covered. We can custom fabricated logo printed fence screen to any dimensions. And with our digital print option you can print full color graphics and images. Use fence screen as an outdoor advertising opportunity to showcase new developments will look like or any other branding campaign.

Better Baseball Windscreen: Batter’s Eye

Choose Midwest Cover for your next baseball or softball stadium upgrade. Multiple colors available for baseball and softball stadiums – from high schools to the pros. Custom fabrication to any size! Get the right batter’s eye to meet the needs of your unique stadium dimensions. All Midwest Cover baseball windscreen ships finished with 4 ply

Expert Event Fence Screen Logos

Better looking and a better event with custom fabricated printed fence screen from Midwest Cover. Provide signage for important information to attendees as well as a great sponsorship opportunity with expert printed logos. Help attendees get where they need to go safely, manage crowd control, and event security with wind and dust blocking windscreen. Over

Recent Outfield Fence Screen Projects

Get the best value stadium upgrade with printed outfield fence screen from Midwest Cover. Choose your material grade, color, and dimensions – plus 3 print options for every project budget. No matter how unique your softball or baseball field dimensions Midwest Cover can help you get the best value upgrade for the home side –

Updated Baseball Windscreen Gallery

See the latest projects from Midwest Cover baseball and see what you can do in 2021 with expert printed custom fabricated baseball windscreen. affordable printed baseball windscreen batters eye bleacher windscreen dugout windscreen Buy with confidence with our 5 year ‘No Fade’ print warranty

Get more choices – materials, colors, print options – and rely on our 20 plus years experience to get the job right. Ask about direct printing, only from Midwest Cover. An affordable, durable print option for expert logos and lettering. Fast turnaround USA manufacturer direct. Windscreen logo printing for virtually any application. Temporary and permanent.

Baseball Windscreen For Your Whole Stadium

See what you can do with Midwest Cover Baseball Windscreen in 2021. Get more choices – materials, colors, and affordable & durable print options. Printed Baseball Windscreen From high schools to the pros, stadiums around the country use Midwest Cover baseball windscreen. Get more material, color, and print options. Batters Eye Featured at pro stadiums,

Better Fence Screen Letters

Direct printing from Midwest Cover is an excellent way to convert privacy windscreen into marketing signage. Affordable and durable, direct printing yields excellent logos and lettering to your exact specifications. Get unique letter and number fonts with multiple colors to choose from. And make even simple lettering stand out on top of 10 plus vibrant,