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About us

Why Midwest Cover?

5 Reasons to Choose Midwest Cover on your next fence screen or athletic windscreen project:

  1.  We are not just the dealer, but the manufacturer (one of the biggest in the country!)
  2.  We ship nationwide -- same day shipping on many products.
  3.  We offer different degrees of closure and durability -- customized to fit your needs.
  4.  Custom fabrication for any job.

Expert Logos and Lettering

Direct printed fence screen from Midwest Cover is the best value printed windscreen, and a great way to not only market your own business, but your customers and their projects. Affordable and durable, direct printing yields expert lettering and logos. Multiple material grades to choose from. Make simple designs stand out on top of 10

Affordable Printed Construction Windscreen

Midwest Cover offers 3 print options for every project budget. Market Your Business and Your Projects Get more choices. Material grades, colors, dimensions, and3 print options. Print directly on construction windscreen –affordable and durable

Midwest Cover For Fence Contractors

We supply fence contractors nationwide, and our experienced sales support can get your questions answered in one call. Get a long term fence screen supplier that you can count on. Get more choices for you and your customers. Fast turnaround USA manufacturer direct. ATHLETICbaseball, softball, bleachers, signage, safety, padding. CONSTRUCTIONlogo printing, bulk ship, color and

The Big Screen Logo Experts

The best value upgrade for your facility or next project is printed logos on your fence screen. Quality fence screen from Midwest Cover last for years, choose from multiple material grades depending on your requirements. With 3 print options you can get just what you need at the right price. Ask about our direct printing

Only from Midwest Cover, direct printing yields expert logos and lettering at an affordable prices. Choose your durable material and get the best value upgrade for your next high traffic construction project. Our expert design team can help you get it done right. Fast turnaround USA manufacturer direct. See our new direct print catalog and

Get the best value on your athletic court updates with Midwest Cover – take advantage of our 20 plus years athletic stadium and facility experience and get your questions answered in one call. From high schools to pro tournaments and stadiums, Midwest Cover provides the best value on your court updates and upgrades.

Big Screen Logos

Let them know who built it with affordable, durable direct print construction fence screen from Midwest Cover. Quickly go from idea to install with help of our in-house design team. Fence screen logos are one of the best value upgrades you can make – market your business, your projects, and your customers.

2020 Fence Screen Projects

See how you can go from idea to install in 2 weeks with Midwest Cover’s experienced design team. Fast turnaround on custom fabricated windscreen USA manufacturer direct. 3 print options for every budget and a 5 year ‘No Fade’ print warranty. Materials for all weather conditions. 10 color choices. Reinforced hems and grommets on all