About us

Why Midwest Cover?

5 Reasons to Choose Midwest Cover on your next fence screen or athletic windscreen project:

  1.  We are not just the dealer, but the manufacturer (one of the biggest in the country!)
  2.  We ship nationwide -- same day shipping on many products.
  3.  We offer different degrees of closure and durability -- customized to fit your needs.
  4.  Custom fabrication for any job.

Sports and Safety Padding - Baseball, Gym & More

Protect your players with our custom wall and outfield padding. Check Out Midwest Cover's New Baseball Product Catalog.

Guard Rail/Dugout padding

1" thick high impact foam, ecapsulated with weather treated 18oz, vinyl. Custom fabricated for any rail padding application

Fence Padding

Add safety and beauty to any baseball facility with our heavy duty fence padding

Wall Padding

Our plywood backed high impact padding is easily installed for permanent backstop or outfield wall for maximum safety

Gymnasium Padding

Perfect for any gymnasium or indoor sports facility application for high end safety